The vision of the National Congress for Democracy is to establish in Congo-Brazzaville a democratic society that grants citizen rule, majority rule and minority rights; protects individual rights; exercises free and fair elections; encourages citizen participation; and values cooperation and compromise. This implies adopting the democratic transfer of power with the election of the president of the Republic through universal suffrage as inalienable legal rule in a nation where men, women, and children will share the responsibilities and benefits of sustaining good governance and organized civic life.


We are a diaspora from Congo-Brazzaville whose efforts are aimed at bringing about free and fair elections and creating the conditions for a peaceful transition from dictatorship to democracy.


Advocate democracy in Congo-Brazzaville through educational and awareness activities in the political, business, media and higher education realms.
Establish a large international coalition of activists, educators, professionals, entrepreneurs, and elected officials, with the purpose of supporting good governance, the restoration of the rule of law and democracy, and the prevention and resolution of conflicts in Congo-Brazzaville.
Work towards the emancipation of the African people in general, those of Congo-Brazzaville in particular.
Uphold the current Constitution of Congo-Brazzaville for the upcoming 2016 elections.
Contribute to making Congo-Brazzaville an emerging country.
Provide an external voice for local advocacy efforts of all opposition-led activities in Congo-Brazzaville that adhere to democratic principles.
Moralize national public life and put culture, education and training at the heart of social and economic development.


The flow charts bellow offer a simple explanation of the issues faced by Congo-Brazzaville.

The attempt to change the Constitution:
The diverting of oil profits by Sassou Nguesso:



There is nothing new under the sun. However, few leaders heed this proverb and feel more comfortable acting as if “It only happens to others”. They believe that they were born to lead their countries and find it difficult to see politics from the perspective of a former president. Power revolves around them and mingles with them. They are so immersed in their “much sought after and indispensable person” theory that they cannot even figure out what is best for themselves, nor can they do the ...READ MORE


The democratic process in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) is under attack. The Constitution is being challenged to change through political trickery by seating President Sassou Nguesso and his party, the Congolese Labor Party. They want army General Sassou to be able to run again, even though the constitution does not allow a third term. The Congolese people, both abroad and in the country, are opposing this autocratic attempt to change the constitution. Among those who oppose the will of Mr. Nguesso to....READ MORE


  Mr. ENGEL. Mr. Speaker, 2015 will be an important year for the future of African democracy. Many countries on the continent will either hold or prepare for Presidential elections. If recent history is any guide, some long-serving African leaders will be tempted to alter constitutions or take other quasi-legal steps to extend their rule. I strongly encourage these leaders, including President Sassou-Nguesso of
Congo-Brazzaville, to resist this temptation and to respect the will of
their people....READ MORE