Teylama Miabey, Ph.D.

Assises USA | National Coordinator

Teylama H. Miabey holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Howard University. He has been teaching Mathematics at Howard University for 5 years. Previously, he worked as a project coordinator for IDEAS Inc. a Washington, DC based Public Relations think tank, through which he advised government officials in Côte-d’Ivoire and lobbied the US government on behalf of the Republic of Côte-d’IvoirePrior to joining IDEAS Inc., he served as a consultant with Sonia Enterprise, working as a business liaison between timber buyers and sellers. He was previously an economic advisor to the managing director of Technopole of Dakar, a government subsidiary agency based in Dakar, Senegal. He also worked as an investment broker responsible for finding private investment for Technopole. Dr. Miabey also served as political advisor to former Prime Minister of Congo Brazzaville, Bernard Kolelas. He has published articles in P-Adic Numbers, Utrametric Analysis and Applications and has contributed several entries in Ten Days in Brazzaville (by Scott Graber): “Françafrique;” “Cellule africaine de l’Elysée;” “Causes of Congo’s 1997 civil war.”